Get AI regulation and risk off your chest

Secure the future of your
AI-based business

Don't let the "EU AI Act" and other regulation stop your valuable AI assets.
algo consult supports you mitigating AI risks for your business.


Make sure time is on your side

You need to start now!

Prepare your organisation, data and models now with sufficient and lean processes and get ready for the AI market quickly.

We take the risk out of your AI.

We accompany you with the expertise and process you need to create compliant AI. Building a framework for your company to run machine learning and control all risks.

Explain & Educate

1. Learn the Pitfalls

AI will be regulated. Every organisation needs to understand what that means for them, either as users or creators of machine learning and AI.

Assess & Handle Risk

2. Assess & Mitigate Risk

A lot of uncertainty can be resolved early in your AI journey. Regardless how deep your engagement with AI already is, prepare now.


3. Build regulation-ready AI

With the proper knowledge and processes in place, you now can use and realease AI in line with all regulations.

Your Maturity Checklist

I want to safely use AI in my enterprise.

I plan to release AI products to my customers.

I need to achieve conformance with EU regulation.

I want to prepare early and be ready.

I urgently need to get ahead of AI regulation.

I am concerned regarding the security of my AI models.

If you check any of these boxes, contact us!

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Bernd Fondermann
algo consult

"Get the knowledge you need to create compliant AI."

algo consult brings years of know-how in product management, enterprise-architecture and machine learning to the table.

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